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13 Rue Bavastro, Nice


Muriel Giraud

+33 668 15 24 06

12:30-19:30 MTWTF

Yoga, ayurvedic nutrition and massages are wonderful tools for health and personal development.

Either for maintaining, improving or recovering health, those ancestral tools can be adaptable and personalized infinitely.

Coming from a time when health was rather a matter of listening and adaptating to the patient, yoga and Ayurveda demand an acute attention from the teacher and the practitioner, well welcomed in a current world tied with speed and where multitude asks to never stop.

Those sciences bring with them from the immemorial ages, a deep love and understanding of the individual.

Silence and attention experienced during yoga classes, if they sometimes suprise beginners, soon become salutary to the one who takes the time to (re)discover rhythms that resonate with more inner rhythms.

By offering yoga classes, group or individualized, and consultations in Ayurvedic nutrition, we intend to transmit those wonderful teachings, being the most possible faithful to the generations of teachers and practitioners who came before us.

We are hoping to tansmit those most priceless knowledges the best we can, through our work, continous studying and practical approach.

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  1. Judicaelle Godbert
    Judicaelle Godbert

    Muriel classes bring a lot of serenity, the studio is bright and pleasant, muriel a real ray of sunshine. I recommend ❤🙏🏻

    June 10, 2020 at 7:20 pm Reply

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