Why It Works

Share Riviera is a simple site which works brilliantly for people looking for help and people who list their business.


Why it Works for People Looking for Help

Many of the old reliable directories are out-of-date, finding a recommendation you saw previously on Facebook is impossible, and a Google search gives you lots of French companies but you don’t speak French!

With Share Riviera you find what you want, when you want it and fast by simply serarching the category you need. When you find a business you like, contacting them is easy because all the services we list speak English. If you use our website on your phone, you can do all this within three clicks.

Remembering things is very simple also. Just click ‘Favourite’ and it’s added to your free account.  Register for yours now.


Why it Works for Business

Advertising a small business is hard work.

With Facebook you have to remember to post frequently, Google Ads is famously complicated (and expensive) and international directories like Anglo Info are full of dead listings. Even then you have to be lucky that your listing will be seen.

With Share Riviera, you have a simple website which lists only English speaking trades and services working here on the Riviera. Unlike others mentioned above, Share Riviera is the only website actively advertising regularly on radio and online. The word is out and the international community are coming to Share Riviera to find English speaking trades and services to fix their problems.

We want to do everything we can to connect these people with you.

The reason Share Riviera is so effective is very simple. People visit the site for help with a problem they are having right now. They are looking for someone who speaks English, is based here on the Riviera and who can solve their problem. That person is you!

Your listing will tell them what you do, what language you speak and who to speak with when they call. The links on the page connect them quickly by phone or email directly to you. On the moible version of our website, this is even quicker with one touch operation. The only thing you need to do is make sure your contact details are correct and the description says all the right things so that person looking for help will call.

Listing your business on Share Riviera is ‘Forever Free’ and easy to do. Start here and Add Your Business.