About Us

Share Riviera is all about connecting international ex-pats with recommended English speaking trades and services on the French Riviera.

The website was established by Dusty Rhodes who you may know from Riviera Radio. Dusty has a long history in radio, digital media and marketing, which is how he initially arrived here with our local radio station.

One of the things that frustrated him was trying to find good local contacts for anything from servicing a car to help with French admin and taxes. Facebook groups were great but when you went back to find a recommended person, you could never find the original post. Anglo-Info was also a good source but much of it is sadly out-of-date.

Share Riviera solves these problems by being a central source, available 24/7, connecting people with trades or services they need in as little as three clicks.

We work hard to ensure each entry gives you a short but quality overview and a simple click to call, SMS or email directly with your enquiry in English. We also vet each business listing and encourage users to give their reviews so you can learn from their experience.

Why is all this free?

For us, this is a small investment to help make life on the Riviera simpler. Naturally as the website grows and proves itself, bills will have to be paid for hosting and admin and more! There are many ways that can be done including some premium features, advertising or sponsorship. However, that is for the future. The service as you see it right here right now, will remain forever free.

Since we began advertising daily on Riviera Radio, online with Facebook and search advertising with Google, ShareRiviera.com is already receiving hundreds of unique visits a day. If you would like to connect with these visitors, join us for free and share your business on Share Riviera right now.

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