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In our increasingly instant, fast-moving, information grazing world of new and traditional media, one thing still holds true: the importance of good grammar. If you are promoting your company, its services or products, it is vital to get your point across in a punchy, accurate fashion. Potential clients and customers will judge your company on the back of promotional and editorial copy, sales brochures and press releases so it’s of utmost importance that you present a professional, crisp and accurate first impression, which will in turn create a lasting impression.

Whether it’s a sale brochure, press release, marketing pitch, synopsis or full-on press pack you are looking for, I can deliver all of the above to tight deadlines. All you need to provide is the brief, salient information and timescale and the job will be completed to the highest standard. If you have drafted something that is too long, I can suggest ways to make it shorter and more focused while retaining its message.

Press Releases
Having a newsworthy story is a great way to get your company or organisation into the limelight. The most basic means for communicating a news story is through a press release. Unfortunately getting a journalist to notice a press release is hugely challenging, particularly when they receive hundreds of them each day! A ‘look at me’ press release needs to be well written, concise, timely, creative and brief. I can ensure it is all of these things as someone who has been on the receiving end of thousands over the years!

Quotable Comments
Quotable comments can be used to address the press and to review products and services. In such scenarios, it is essential that you only use text that is absolutely necessary in order that you avoid comments being misconstrued. I have the expertise to convert your thoughts and ideas into clear comments that deliver your message with power.

Advertorial/Editorial/Web Content
As a trained journalist with many years experience at the sharp end of Fleet Street, I can turn my hand to advertorial or editorial features for placement in publications or online. I am also experienced at writing web copy.

Having spent many years liaising between publications, editors and public relations executives, I can offer my expertise and experience in journalism and PR to advise you on any specific promotional and press requirements.

Customer Communications
I am well versed in using a variety of channels to communicate with customers, from classic customer publishing in trade magazines and newsletters through to creating the copy for digital publishing like e-zines and iPad apps as well as blogs and other social networking tools. Creating content on these channels will keep you at the forefront of today’s prime communication platforms. I can navigate a path from the most traditional forms of publishing through to the burgeoning, most technologically advanced digital landscape.


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2 Reviews

  1. Justin Jefferys, Account Director, Taylor Herring
    Justin Jefferys, Account Director, Taylor Herring

    Working with Karen is always a pleasure – she’s fantastic when it comes to putting both talent and the PRs at ease, and always adapts to your schedule and timeframes. Most importantly, she will always make the piece work for both publication and publicist.

    November 6, 2019 at 5:04 pm Reply
  2. Charlotte Scott, Senior PR Manager (Disney)
    Charlotte Scott, Senior PR Manager (Disney)

    Karen totally understands our needs and how to relate to our talent. She’s one hundred per cent professional and engages in the project in hand to pluck out the storylines that will create positive, on brand headlines. She’s a joy to work with.

    June 6, 2020 at 11:29 am Reply

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