02: Will Bars Reopen?

02: Will Bars Reopen?
The Great Escape - Riviera

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More great stories from people running businesses on the Riviera and coping with the exit from lockdown.

Thady Nolan (02:25) speaks frankly about problems facing Ma Nolans and if or when bars will reopen on the Riviera – www.ma-nolans.com

Nicolas Coulette (12:10) who helps many micro-entreprise on the Côte reveals why working with ex-pats on French admin is easy – www.avotreservice-riviera.com

Beverly Holt (20:55) the Riviera’s most connected networker says lockdown has had at least one positive effect on their meetings.


About this weeks guests;

Thady Nolan is the man behind one of the most famous international names on the Riviera Ma Nolan’s bars in Nice & Cannes. Taxi drivers and locals alike recommend the bars to tourists all the time for good pints, great food and glorious large screens for sport! Sadly, we couldn’t get Ma Nolan, so instead we have her favourite son!

Nicolas Coullette is a man who knows the French system, understands all its little grey areas and ways of thinking, and can help you cut through red-tape like a magic human scissors! Originally from the northern part of the country, after business school he travelled the world working in tech and admin everywhere from here to Australia and back.  In the last 18 months, he’s started his own company help English speakers easily set up and deal with micro-entreprise and of admin issues.

Beverly Holt is the best connected person we know on the Riviera !!! Originally a medical professional from Wales, her journey brought her to Australia where she discovered Holistic Health and Reiki and worked with the Australian Rugby team among many other achievements. When she arrived in France it was her networking skills which came to the fore. Her most recent project connects ladies across the Cote d’Azur and is called ‘Be Here Now Ladies’

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