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The Great Escape - Riviera

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How are people like ourselves, running businesses here on the Riviera, going to cope with the fallout of the virus? That’s what this podcast The Great Escape is all about!

It’s been an interesting seven or eight weeks … life was ticking along as normal, a lot of us looking at 2020 as a significant year, then in March – boom – lockdown.

Although I found it scary, it was a little reassuring watching President Marcon looking us straight in the eye saying ‘no French business will be allowed to fail’.  Deals on mortgages, rents, staff salaries and partial chomage made it all a little easier.  Or did it ??

For some, shuttering up was a welcome break to enjoy a particularly nice spring.  Walks, time with family, kids (for some 1st two weeks with kids!)   A lot of us said it would be a good few weeks to learn … but if you’re like me, despite best intentions, it didn’t happen as I imagined. For others, the last few weeks have seen a rapid re-organisation of their business as they try to cope and keep the boat afloat … sometimes literally!

However, we are beginning to escape from lockdown.  A lot of business owners from single person micro entreprise to full blown companies are wondering what’s next ??  How will the ‘new normal’ look?

Maybe you’re one of these business people?  If you are, you’re not alone.  On this new podcast, we’re going to chat to business leaders across the Riviera .. everyone from some of the most successful hospitality businesses, to yoga and health practitioners, to the super yacht and super car industries.   How do they feel lockdown has affected business, how does it compare to past recessions and what can we expect for the rest of 2020.   It will be a very interesting and relevant conversation.

This is an invitation to join in with our podcast which will be out every Monday and Thursday in May. The first one goes out as lockdown ends this Monday 11th of May which is why we’re calling it The Great Escape.   Listen in whenever you like with Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google or wherever you get your podcasts.