03: Recession Plan

03: Recession Plan
The Great Escape - Riviera

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The word ‘recession’ should not scare you says financial advisor Rob Kay [02:05]

Discover the one essential plan you must have in place for de-confinement with businesswoman Antonia Beau-Brown [10:50]

Should you be afraid to fly ? Regular commuter John Clarkin shares why he has no fears [23:40]


About this weeks guests;

Rob Kay is one of the most respected and well-known financial people on the Riviera.   Originally from Manchester, he worked in the Middle East before setting up the first Blevins Franks office on the Cote d’Azur and then the office in Monaco.  Of course we all know him from his weekly broadcasts each Sunday on Riviera Radio.

Topics discussed;

  • Adapting to ‘the cloud’
  • A calming look at recession
  • A brief chat on Brexit (remember that!)
  • Older people are very tech savvy
  • www.blevinfranks.com


Antonia Beau Brown is one of the leading business people in our community. In addition to running her highly successful Kidooland School, she is the host of the Riviera Firefly podcast, which for the last four years has spoken to entrepreneurs about running businesses here. She’s also the lady behind the hugely popular Facebook group Cote d’Azur Living, South of France.

Topics discussed;


John Clarkin is a really good golfer, and could have turned pro. But when he was coming up the ranks, and playing against Padraig Harrington, he thought I’ll never be that good … so instead he turned to another area of golf … running a world leading golf course consultancy firm called TurfGrass. Living near Nice John travels extensively to work with over 150 courses across Europe and the world.

Topics discussed;

  • Flying for work
  • Positives of confinement
  • Adapting is growing the business
  • The insider view on golf this year
  • www.turfgrass.ie


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