04: Adapt or Die

04: Adapt or Die
The Great Escape - Riviera

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Adapt is the word most used by our guests and how they are doing just that to stay in business.

We find out whats on the menu with Waka Bar’s Ciara Swan [01:00]

how the yachting industry is testing for a virus free summer with Ulf Sydbeck from Riviera Yacht Suppport [12:15]

and how the entertainment industry is has been coping with Blah Blah lead singer Alan Roberts [23:30]


About this weeks guests;

Ciara Swan and husband Garth arrived in Nice in 2016 to start their own bar which has turned into a thriving success. Waka Bar is a favourite with locals and tourists for sunset drinks on the the prom and a very solid food menu as well. Part of their success is the consistently good marketing and stream of fresh ideas from co-owner Ciara. We chat about;

  • What they are doing to keep Waka Bar open for business
  • What’s temporarily replaced alcohol as a best seller
  • What you can do to get positive change out of disaster
  • Her predicion for summer 2020
  • Waka Bar Facebook


Ulf Sydbeck is synonymous with the yachting industy and a famously positive person. At the helm of Riviera Yacht Support he has the pulse on every port from St Remo to St Tropez. We chat about;

  • How has the virus affected the yachting industry
  • New travel rules for yachts and crew
  • Virus testing kits for crew
  • Golf Bonana – will it go ahead?
  • www.RivieraYachtSupport.com


Alan Roberts is the lead singer of Blah Blah universally acclaimed as the Riviera’s best rock band by far. We chat about;

  • Run in’s and accolades from another Riviera resident band called U2!
  • The reality of music entertainment here this summer
  • How he nearly died from a virus in Hong Kong
  • His surpising way of surviving musically
  • Why he is confident all will work out


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