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Noona Ayres

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Revitalize’s mission is to help people searching for well-being, peace and harmony to find these precious elements within themselves and to bring them into their lives.
We set out to achieve this using Integral Yoga®, Yin yoga, SOMA breath, meditation, pranayama and Reiki. Revitalize was founded in 2013 by Noona Ayres (pictured left) and is based on the Cote d’Azur, France. Revitalize offers yoga, SOMA breath and reiki, both ashore and afloat, worldwide.

Noona is English and has lived in the south of France since 2001. She speaks fluent French. Since leaving England in 1996 on a sailing yacht following a love of the sea, her background has been in yachting via the Caribbean, USA and Mediterranean.

This journey has bought her to share her passion for Yoga, breathwork and Reiki and the benefits of these holistic practices.
Soon after moving to Antibes, South of France in 2001 Noona started practising Hatha yoga with a teacher from the Sivananda school. Exploring other forms of yoga, including Ashtanga which she practised for several years, Noona then discovered Integral Yoga® in 2011 during a life-changing retreat in Almeria, Spain.


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  1. Hervey Le Cannet
    Hervey Le Cannet

    My husband and I have been having twice weekly yoga lessons with Noona for quite some time. We are not young! Noona’s caring nature shines through as she carefully steers my husband and I through our routine, ever watchful that he doesn’t fall or strain himself. Noona is thoroughly versed in all styles of yoga and I can more than recommend her. She has become a loving interlude in our week.

    November 7, 2019 at 6:58 pm Reply
  2. Stephanie Antibes
    Stephanie Antibes

    For someone who struggles to meditate and switch off, SOMA with Noona was fantastic. Her voice is so relaxing and enchanting to listen to. By focusing on the music and the different types of breathing it really helps to focus the mind. I came out feeling relaxed and so happy, a feeling that I carried with me all weekend. I am completely hooked!

    July 30, 2020 at 12:58 pm Reply

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