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My goals for dog grooming

Based on my personal experience with my own pooch I decided to offer the mobile alternative, where I travel to meet my clients with my grooming van which offers a cosy, secure and calm environment for grooming session. This holistic approach makes a huge difference, limits the time away from home and the stress from travelling. Leaving home, travelling and visiting new places is often not as easy for pets as it is for us so being able to hop into a van which is parked in the garden or just outside the house or apartment makes a big difference.

This approach is great for all dogs and brings little extra convenience to the owners too.

I am seeing some great results with my clients and I am able to groom highly anxious dogs that are not able to cope in busy environment and need more space on their own.

I am happy to take extra time and offer little breaks during the grooming or split the session to overcome the initial anxiety so I can manage a healthy coat by regular grooming.

I work with purely natural and organic supplies respecting and putting first the needs of healthy coat. I encourage a regular schedule for grooming to prevent excessive matting and overall good condition of the skin and the coat.

The regular brushing offers a very important massage to the skin and ventilates the coat, supporting the re-growth.

The regular bathing clears the coat of environment toxins and grease which can block pores and irritate skin.

The Grooming van is fully kitted with extra benefit of air-conditioning.

All clients can pop in to see their pooch at any time during the grooming session for reassurance.

It is highly appreciated when a regular brushing is done in between grooming session. I am always happy to show different style brushes and methods for brushing. Some breeds require more brushing than others, for those with longer coat it is extra important.


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