Eli L Cookson

6 Rue Honoré Ferrare, 06600 Antibes, France


Eli Cookson

+33 609 07 21 57

12:30-17:00 MTWTF

Eli is both a clinical and pastoral counselor, and a psychodynamic psychotherapist.

As far as the clinical aspect is concerned, she is professionally trained to deal with behavioral and emotional issues finding their root in present or past experiences, either held firmly in one’s memory or forgotten. The pastoral side of it provides a professional care that takes into account a person’s belief and the healing process is tailored within the respect of such belief, be it cultural, spiritual or racial; personal values are then integrated in your counseling process.

As a psychotherapist, Eli is trained to diagnose mental illnesses and provides treatment through the use of techniques, such as BT (behavioral therapy), CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), CFT (Compassion Focused Therapy), PTSD Therapy, Mindfulness and Relaxation and others.

When the treatment necessitates specific drugs she works in conjunction with psychiatrists to ensure that the patient receives complete attention through the issuing of correct prescriptions.

Another area where Eli provides help is addictions and personality issues like:

OCD obsessive-compulsive disorder (compulsions you cannot control) and OCPD, obsessive-compulsive personality disorder;

Panic disorders, agoraphobia being one for example, social anxiety disorders;

Specific phobias, a paralyzing fear of common objects, situations or places. The therapies above can be very effective as well as psychodynamic psychotherapy

Childhood grief, sexual abuse, depression


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