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454 Chemin de l'Oratoire, 06250 Mougins, France


Sandrine Raclin

+33 648 18 21 90

08:00-18:00 MTWTF

Kennels for dogs, cats and ferrets and livery stables for horses. Dog training for all breeds from basic obedience to competition. Breeders of German and Belgium Shepherds.

At Dog Attitude, we are recognized professionals in dog breeding. As specialists, we can offer you both touching and efficient companion dogs as guard dogs.
Our animals are selected from very high lines, the parents are free from genetic defects. Before giving you a puppy, we make sure that it is well weaned and we instill in it the first values, necessary, afterwards, for training.

Pension in secure park
Dog Attitude offers you a pension in a shaded park that meets standards (veterinary services management establishment: facility classified with all animal health and protection standards). Double fence buried and concreted in the ground, galvanized sheet metal, security lock, quarantine and infirmary, under camera control.

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  1. Rose Ahmed
    Rose Ahmed

    The staff at dog attitude are truly the most caring and considerate people. My Doberman meme so adores her stay there (every month) she gets an amazing garden area to share with another dog of her size and temperament that the staff chose based on their excellent knowledge and expertise with other dogs and meme. We also love the Saturday morning training where meme has learnt so much and is now a more confident dog. The time at dog attitude has now eliminated meme extreme separation anxiety. She has improved so fast in the 3 months of staying and training with and I adore and thank Sandrine and Thierry for their love for my meme. You’re truly angels on earth. X.

    July 13, 2020 at 4:20 pm Reply
  2. Lauren Giel
    Lauren Giel

    We recently got a german sheperd puppy from Dog Attitude and couldn’t be happier!
    When he initially came home with us, they stayed in touch and were only a phone call away for any questions which really impressed us. We’ve recently decided to take our puppy back weekly for training classes!

    July 20, 2020 at 12:23 pm Reply
  3. Irene Raffa
    Irene Raffa

    Our Griffon Korthal (a very lively 6yrs old hunting dog) had a smashing time at Dog Attitude. He stayed in a “parc” (a huge big garden) for 7 days whilst I was away on vacation. He was given a playmate (a female dog) to keep him company which I really found amazing!!! Faustine throw a ball from time to time and filmed both of them in action. I now do understand why my dog spends so much time sleeping since he is home… I would say “Club Med” and definitely no home sickness for Héros! Many many thanks for your care!!! I am very impressed to see such order, cleanness, security, care and very fast response time. Héros will be a regular from now on!

    August 9, 2020 at 3:11 pm Reply

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