This is the first section you should visit so you can change your password. After you change it you will be asked to log in with the new password so you know it works.

This section also allows you to change your Display Name to something more ‘human friendly’ and to update your email address as required.


When you log in, you will see four ‘tabs’ on your Dashboard; Listing, Post, My Favourites and Transaction.

Tab – Listing
This gives you an overview of your business listing including the ability to Edit or Delete your listing.

The Edit Listing page will display the current information for your business. Simply make your updates as you wish.  Please note the ‘ Listing description in two lines’ field is not operational.

It’s highly recommened you fill out the Contact name and Speaks fields. People are three times more likely to call if they have a name they can ask for and know that person speaks English.

At the end of this page you can Preview your post and select Continue to make your changes.

Tab – Post
This tab is not operational

Tab – My Favourites
Other listings you select on the website as a ‘Favourite’ are stored here.

Tab – Transaction
Your package is free but we do require you confirm or update your details at least once a year. You will automatically receive an email ten days before the expiry date to remind you. The expiry date is displayed on the Listing tab of your dashboard.

Video Tour

Watch our short video tour of the dashboard area. We recommend watching in full screen mode.

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